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Asparagus Seeds UC800

Asparagus Seeds UC800

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Product Description:

Strong plant growth, good disease resistance, and abundant production. The stems are thicker, averaging about 1.6 cm, with a single shoot weighing about 25 g. The stems are numerous, neatly sized, with a branching point of more than 40 cm and a tightly wrapped shoot tip, making it a better variety for both green and white shoots at present.

  • Heavier yields than other commercial varieties
  • Light cuttings in 2 years; Regular cuttings thereafter
  • Adaptable to full sun or partial shade

High-yielding asparagus that will produce regularly for many years. The first two years are light-cutters. Thereafter, harvesting should be normal. This is the variety that you will find most often in the grocers. Grow your own delicious asparagus and skip the line at the supermarket!




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