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Basil Seeds – Italian Large Leaf

Basil Seeds – Italian Large Leaf

  • Latin name:
  • Ocimum basilicum
Product Description:

Used as a culinary herb, the Italian Large Leaf is great in soups, salads, sauces and in cocktails. The leaves are large and aromatic and rich in oils. Great in pestos and spaghetti sauce, you will most definitely get a whiff of this one before you see it maturing in your garden. This plant is slow to bolt and will produce large, three inch leaves that are sure to satisfy.

This annual herb should be planted in the springtime. Select an area that gets sun all day long. Direct sow. Plant seeds a fourth of an inch deep and lightly cover with soil. Space seeds every ten inches. Sixty to ninety days until maturity. This will be an herb you will love to grow year after year.




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