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Kingshire Black Watermelon Lord

  • Latin name:
  • Citrullus lanatus var. lanatus
Product Description:

Hybrid Big size Black Watermelon Lord

Fruit is oblong, single fruit is large, about 9-12 kgs. Rind is dark green, flesh is red, crisp, and juicy, about 13% sugar content on Brix. Rind is thin, but very firm, not easy to crack, it is suitable for storage and long-distance shipping.

Medium-early maturity, harvesting about 32 days after the flowering. Vigorously growing, easy fruit setting. Tolerant to heat and humidity. Tolerant to Fusarium wilt and anthracnose.



Kindly price one kgs each.


I’am from Algeria, do you send free sample to try your water melon seeds,
i am looking for supplier to estabilish a long term business as a distributors in my country
thank you for your cooperation.
best regards.



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