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Iceberg Lettuce

  • Latin name:
  • Lactuca sativa
Product Description:

Iceberg variety.

  • Days to maturity: 50 days
  • Seed Quantity needed/acre:160g-240g.
  • of plants/acre: 32000-48000
  • Colour: Shining green
  • Average weight: between 600 to 700 gr
  • Leaves: Blistered and well divided

it tolerant to the heat and has a long preservation after being harvested.

Lettuce is affected by high temperatures that lead to seed dormancy and plant etiolation with early bolting without head formation.

Nevertheless, by choosing the good varietal type, lettuce can be grown all year long, even in hot and humid tropical area. In the dry season, irrigation by local sprinkling increases the factor of crop success.


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