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Crescent-shaped Sweet Chinese Snow Pea Pod (Ho Lan Dow)

  • Latin name:
  • Pisum.sativum.L
Product Description:

Crescent-shaped Sweet Chinese Snow Pea Pod Seed


Variety type Snow Pea Pod
Hybrid No
Maturity Medium
Fruit Skin Light Green, thin
Fruit Length 10-12cm
Remarks 15-28℃

Product Description

Pea: about 10-12 cm long, 1.6-1.8 cm wide. Crescent-shaped, 8-10 seeds in each pod, seeds are green and round. The tender pods are thin-skinned, sweet and crisp, with high quality. Fresh and frozen Snow Peas are available.

Plant: plant is about 80-100 cm height. White flower. Growing temperature is about 15-28℃. High yield, about 42 tons per ha.

Maturity: Early-mid type. About 75 days from sowing to harvesting. First flower appears on the 9th – 11th nod, then there will pods in the each inflorescence following.

Snow Peas are edible podded peas with the best features of snap beans (tender and crispy) and garden peas (sweet and meaty). Young Snow Peas are excellent for salads. The plant grows very well in slightly cold climates.



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