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Dark leaf White Petioles Pak Choy

  • Latin name:
  • Brassica Rapa
Product Description:

KS-234 Dark leaf White Petioles Pak Choy

This is a medium tall type Chinese Pak choy. It is about 38 cm high, and 40 cm wide, 400 g weight. Plants have pure white, thick petiole and dark green oblong spoon-shaped leaves. Few fiber, high quality.

Maturity: Early maturity. About 45 days to maturity.

Plant habit: Tolerant to heat and humidity. And it also grows very well in slightly cool climates. It is resistance to disease. It is not easy to bolting. Grows vigorously and uniform.



Prepare fertile, well-drained soil. Sow seeds in spring after last frost or late summer/early fall in a sunny location.

Keep soil moist. Fertilize as needed.

Pak choi will bolt if temperature is too cold or too hot. Exposure to frost or prolonged temperatures below 50°F may result in bolting.

Mulch fall crops to avoid premature bolting. Optimal growing temperatures are in the 60s°F.


This is the most widely grown Pak Choi. Seeds are sown in early spring and fall for the best results. Plants can be picked for eating, 45 days after sowing. This standard type Pak Choy is very popular and can be found in most Oriental as well as Western supermarkets in the West Coast. Mild flavored leaves and crispy petioles are used extensively in many Chinese dishes. In many regions of China, this vegetable after harvested is also dried and stored for later use in cooking.


Choy peţiol lung alb Pak, Duga bijela peteljka kineske raštike,

Biały ogonek długi Pak Choy, लंबे सफेद डंठल पाक Choy, Long White Черешок Пак Чой, 

بيضاء طويلة باك تشوي سويقة, 길고 흰 잎자루 박 쵸이 白色长叶柄白财, Llarga Blanc Pak Choy Pecíol,

Dlhé biele stopka Potom Choy, Choy Long White Pak Picciolo, לבנה ארוכה פאק צוי פטוטרת

Дуго Бела петељка Пак Цхои, ロングホワイト葉柄パックチョイ, 

Long White Черешок Пак Чой, Pitkä valkoinen Lehtiruoti Pak Choy, Дълга бяла опашка Choy Pak


LanguageOther Names Used or Called
Botanical NameBrassica campestris chinensis group var. communis
EnglishChinese White Cabbage, Chinese Chard, Chinese Mustard, Celery Mustard
ChineseBok Choy, Pak Tsoi, Baak Choi, Bai Cai, Tsing Pak Choi
JapaneseShakushina, Pakchoi, Taisi
VietnameseCái Thuong Hai
ThaiPhakkaat Farang, Ang Chaithao
KoreanBok Choy
FilipinoPetsay, Pechay
IndonesianPetsai, Sesawi Putih, Pecal, Pecai, Samho
MalaySawi Puhit


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