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Italian Lettuce

  • Latin name:
  • Lactuca sativa L. var. longifolia
Product Description:

Hot Tolerant Four Seasons Lettuce Seed



Variety type Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)
Hybrid No
Maturity 50-60 days
Fruit Color Green
Fruit Size Plant is 18-24 cm high, 23-28cm wide.
Comment slow in bolting and tolerant to heat and rain

Product Description

  1. Plant is 18-24 cm high, 23-28cm wide.
  2. Leaf is surrounded, glossy yellow-green. In cold weather, the head may be semi compact.
  3. Maturity: Approx. 50-60 days.
  4. Tender leaves are very sweet and will not turn bitter even under high temperature weather.
  5. Plant habit: It is resistant to bolting as well as tolerant to both cold and heat, rain. This variety is resistant to tip burn and soft rot, suitable for all year round planting in mild climates. It is with wide adaptability. It is productive plant. Easy to grow.


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