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White Lance Leaf Water Spinach

  • Latin name:
  • Ipomoea Aquatica
Product Description:

Product Description

1. This white lance leaf water spinach, has the characteristics of stable heredity.

2. White petiole, light green lance leaf. The stems are rooting at the nods, they are hollow and can float.

3. This spinach grow quickly, 18-25 days to harvest in summer, 40-50 days in spring.

4. Strong regeneration, can be cut 5-6 times, while still keep in good taste, and nice shape.

5. Prefer warm weather, tolerate very high rainfall, but not frost. It flourishes naturally in waterways and requires little, if any, care, it is very easy to grow.


1. Could be planted either in paddyfield or dry land.

2. soak the seeds in water at 45℃ for 6-8 hours. Optimum germination temperature is 25℃~30℃. Optimal temperature is around 20℃~30℃.

3. Highest yields are obtained by spacing plants at 15×15 cm.


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